Punjab is land of various historical cultures. There are many historical places where people are go for worship and pray for blessings. In Punjab all religion people are live for e.g. :- Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist etc. Every Religion has its own norms.

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In Punjab , Various Types of music play by people..Punjab is mixture of different type culture so people play different types of music. In old era people invented various music instrumental tools like :-

Tumbi :- Tumbi is the traditional music Instrument of Punjab..A single wire is used for different type of Voices. Punjabi Old singer used the Tumbi for singing songs. They had professionalism to make different voices with Tumbi. Famous Punjabi singers used the tumbi, such as Kuldeep Manak, Mohammed Sadiq, Didar Sandhu, Amar Singh Chamkila and Kartar Ramla.

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Algoza: –  Algoza is Combination of two Flutes. One Flute is used for Melody and second is used for drone. It is traditional music Instrument of Punjab. Basically It is used By Punjab, Rajasthan, Sindhi Folk Musicians. It is play and manages by both hands of musicians. Musicians continuously flow air in the flutes for producing sounds.

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Dhol:- Dhol is Drum for Punjab. Its used for bhangra in Punjab. It has two sided Barrel Drum .One Side is play by Stick and Other side is play by hand. It’s also produced different sounds according to Bhangra style like fast Tune, Classical dance etc. In Old era its used by mens but now women’s also play the dhol. Dhol is used on occasions like birthday party, Marriage party, Fair etc.its both sided made of mango wood .its size Is of 48 cm long and 38 cm wide.


Chimta:-  Chimta is the traditional music Instrument of Punjab. It has two long iron Tongs which bent from mid part with an iron rings.it is also play by hands. Punjabi Folk singers use the Chimta for making the music for their songs.


Dholki:- Dholki is traditional Music Instrument which is used by Punjabi folk singers. It used in some occasions specialy in Marriage , Bhangra , Fair etc. It is also known as Female Dhol because it is same like Dhol but have small size.It has two sided which is made by mango wood . it is play by hands.


There are many old musical instruments used in Punjab. These instruments shows the simplicity of Punjab culture.